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Our members

GenderCC was founded in 2007. As a network, our work is driven by our membership, which is made up of women and gender activists and experts working for gender and climate justice all over the world. In addition to a large number of individuals, our members include the following organisations.

Action Solidaire International, Senegal
ASI is a non-profit organisation founded in 2008. It works on sustainable agriculture and use of natural ressources, climate change and environment, social development and citizen’s participation on public issues.

AGENDA for Environment and Responsible Development, Tanzania Founded in 1997, AGENDA promotes Drip Irrigation for rural women for sustainable agriculture and adaptation to climate change in Tanzania. They promote Climate Smart Agriculture to reduce Greenhouse gas emission and integrate green energy for rural women and youth.

All India Women’s Conference, India
Founded in 1927, All India Women’s Conference is an established organisation dedicated to working for the empowerment of women in India.

Association Femmes Leadership et Développement Durable (AFLeD), Mali AFLeD is a civil society organization founded in 2010 and based in Mali seeking to enhance women’s leadership and gender equality in order to archive sustainable development.

Association pour le développement et de la promotion des droits humain (APDH), Mauritania APDH seeks to enhance the access to education in order to advance sustainable development and human rights in Mauritania.

Aube Nouvelle pour la Femme et Développement (ANFD), DR Congo​​​​​​​ ANFD is working on gender and climate justice in strengthening the cooperation between local based organisation which have a vital role to play in gender and climate justice.

Australian Women in Agriculture, Australia Australian Women in Agriculture (AWiA) is Australia’s peak organisation for women across all areas of agriculture.

Association Bao Taab Neere pour le développement durableet la sauvegarde de l’environnement, Burkina Faso
Bao Taab Neere aims at contributing to sustainable development and nature conservation as well as women’s rights in Burkina Faso.

Banka BioLoo, India
This women-led organisation provides environmentally-friendly and climate-complementing sanitation solutions, with bio-toilets providing women with a strong sense of security and dignity.

Black Sea Women’s Club
Black Sea Women’s Club is a regional network of environmental NGOs from rivers falling into the Black Sea. BCWC works women-leader oriented to protect water resources and promote ecosystem approaches & gender balance.

Centre for Global Change (CGC), Bangladesh
CGC is an independent research institute in the field of climate change, experienced in the organisation of capacity-building, and serves in the context of climate change as an advisor to the Government of Bangladesh.

Centre for Human Rights and Climate Change Research, Nigeria
The Centre for Human Rights and Climate Change Research works on gender, rights, climate change and sustainable development.

Eco and Agro Resource Management, Italy This organisation focuses on research on the manifestation of Sustainable Development Goals, especially on the issue of equality, with focus on India and Bangladesh.

Environment and Development Solutions, Ghana
Environment and Development Solutions works on gender and social protection in Ghana.

FundaExpresión, Colombia
FundaExpresión aims to empower marginalised groups of society towards achieving improved living conditions, social organisation and conservation of their environmental and cultural heritage.

Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK), Bangladesh

GUK aims to improving the lives of the rural poor communities, achieving empowerment through gender equality & rights and establishment of a just society by people’s contribution.

GenderCC Southern Africa – Women for Climate Justice GenderCC Southern Africa is a non-governmental organisation registered in South Africa in 2010 that is working with women, gender activists, civil society organisations, and gender experts from the Southern African region working for women’s rights, gender equality and climate justice.

Gröna Kvinnor Sverige, Sweden
Green Women Sweden is a politically and religiously independent feminist organisation, basing their work on an ecological and holistic approach.

Institute of Environment and Water Management (IEWM), Kenya
The IEWM works on improving access to water resources for poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods and environmental sustainability.

International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) The key objective of ICCCAD Gender and Climate Change Programme is to mainstream gender equality and social inclusion approach in all its research initiatives, project and programme intervention.

Kirinda Youth Environmental Management and Poverty Alleviation Program Uganda (KYEMPAPU)
KYEMPAPU aims at promoting peoples livelihoods and mitigating the impacts of climate change, conducting activities including environmental education, water and sanitation and hygiene practices.

KOTHOWAIN (vulnerable peoples development organization) The Kothowain organization (Vulnerable People’s Development Organization) established in 2003 by some social development activist in response to the issues of extreme poverty, low literacy rate, social and political conflict, eroding cultural identity, and high incidence of human rights violations among the indigenous peoples in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh.

LIFE e.V., Germany
LIFE e.V. stands for diversity, dialogue and exchange. Their work is geared towards the entrenching of gender equality in education and employment, as well as in political decision-making processes.

The MSP Institute – Multi-Stakeholder Processes for Sustainable Development e.V., Germany

The MSP Institute provides “knowledge, skills, experience and networks to processes of engagement, collaboration and learning at local, national and international levels, and advocates for investing in designing, facilitating and evaluating” muli stakeholder processes for sustainable development.

MUGEDE – Mulher, Género e Desenvolvimento, Mozambique
MUGEDE (Women, Gender and Development) works on rural development with a special focus on environment and gender.


MUSONET-Mali is a coalition of different networks in Mali working to improve the livelihoods of women, men and youth through capacity building, advocacy and information sharing on issues such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, gender and water and sanitation.

ONG Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement, Benin ONG JVE BENIN is the NGO focal point for the Adaption Fund, working on stronger gender inclusion in the climate sector.

Pacific WAVE Media Network, Cook Islands
The Pacific WAVE Media Network links and supports women in all facets of the media and communications industry.

Rights Aid for Women, Cameroon
Rights Aid for Women works on facilitating access to justice for women by supporting women to access the existing justice system to regain their land.

Solidaritas Perempuan, Indonesia
The Indonesian women’s organisation works to promote gender equality, non-violence, non-discrimination and ecological justice.

South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE), India
SAFE is a civil society organization working on science-society interface towards sustainable environmental development and poverty alleviation in the Indian ecoregion of South Asia.

Stockholm Environment Institute, Kenya
SEI’s Africa centre supports close collaboration with African organisations and networks on key African environmental and development issue.

Society for Women Empowerment Education and Training (SWEET) Africa Foundation, Liberia
The SWEET Africa Foundation provides a platform to African women to become active /positive agents of change within their communities, countries, sub-region, continent and worldwide.

Sukaar Welfare Organization, Sindh-Pakistan Sukaar Welfare Organization is a grassroots level organisation operating in Pakistan since 2014. It works through community development and advocacy to empower women, children and youth by giving them access to knowledge, awareness and skills so that they can live in society with prosperity, dignity and honour.

Taiwan Environmental Action Network (TEAN), Taiwan
TEAN strives to increase Taiwan’s involvement in international efforts on diverse environmental issues. The MSP Institute – Multi-Stakeholder Processes for Sustainable Development e.V., GermanyThe MSP Institute eV is an international charitable association based in Berlin, Germany, working to support and promote high-quality multi-stakeholder processes (est. March 2016).

United Nations House Scotland (UNHS) The UNHS is a civil society organisation committed to strengthening the implementation of the UN goals and values at grassroots levels. The UNHS is doing this by promoting, supporting, bridging, encouraging innovative engagement, building awareness and monitoring outcomes.

Women Environmental Programme (WEP), Nigeria
WEP is a grassroots organisation addressing gender injustices on issues relating to environment, economic and social rights of women, children and youths in the society.

Women’s Environmental Network (WEN), United Kingdom
WEN is the only UK charity working on issues that link women, health and the environment. Part of their work is highlighting the impact of climate change on women’s lives, and supporting gender sensitive strategies.

Women’s Environment and Development Organiation (WEDO), USA
WEDO is a global women’s advocacy organisation for a just world that promotes and protects human rights, gender equality and the integrity of the environment.

Women’s Network for Environmental Sustainability (WoNES), Sierra Leone
WoNES seeks to have more women and their communities engaged in managing and preserving the environment in Sierra Leone.

Women of Color United, USA
Women of Color United advances policies, systems, and practices, which address the co-factors, drivers, and contexts that result in Violence Against Women, and HIV&AIDS in Women of Color globally.

World Rainforest Movement, Uruguay
The World Rainforest Movement (WRM) is an international organisation that, through its work on forest and plantation related issues, contributes to achieving the respect of local peoples’ rights over their forests and territories.

Youth Association for Development (YAD), Pakistan

YAD is a NGO working on human rights (especially women’s, indigenous’, children’s and disabled person’s rights). Peace building, gender equality and protecting the environment are some of the main topics. YAD is working hard on achieving the SDGs.

Zenab for Women in Development, Sudan
Zenab is organized and operates to facilitate improvement in the livelihood of women in the Sudan and advocate for their rights.