GenderCC Press Releases

  • 05.06.2018: Press release "EU countries must step up to implement gender-responsive climate change policies, says a group of civil society organizations on the occasion of the European Development Days and World Environment Day"
  • 16.03.2018: GenderCC shows solidarity with our colleagues in the Philippines " Feminists Condemn Philippines President Duterte's Accusation of Activists and Indigenous People Leaders as Terrorists"
  • 07.03.2018: Press release on International Women's Day "Gute Klimapolitik geht nur geschlechtergerecht"
  • 22.12.2017: Press release on "2017 Gender-just climate solutions"
  • 26.10.2017: Press release "Für Geschlechtergerechtigkeit im Klimaschutz und einen starken Gender-Aktionsplan"
  • 19.11.2015: Press release ahead of COP21 in Paris
  • 10.04.2010: Press release "Gender for Softies only? – Gender is also good for the hard stuff!"
  • 07.12.2007: Press release "Women’s milestones for the Bali roadmap"