International Secretariat

GenderCC's governance bodies are supported by an International Secretariat, currently located in Berlin, Germany, where the organisation is formally registered as a non-profit organisation.

What do we do?

The Secretariat acts as an administrator and central service point for the network. This involves:

  • Raising funds for GenderCC and its various activities
  • Supporting focal points in their activities
  • Organising exchange among the focal points and developing a global learning platform for GenderCC
  • Supporting outreach and media work
  • Maintaining and updating the GenderCC homepage, social media outlets and newsletter
  • Reporting regularly to the Steering Committee
  • Providing services for members

Who are we?

The team at the International Secretariat is currently made up of (from left to right):

  • Lisa Göldner (l.goeldner(at), field of activity: development of GenderCC's network, support for projects and international advocacy
  • Gotelind Alber (g.alber(at), board member, field of activity: GUCCI project and German research project 'The contribution of gender-justice to successful climate politics'
  • Patricia Bohland (p.bohland(at), field of activity: GUCCI-project and Not withouth us!-project
  • Linda Ederberg (l.ederberg(at), field of activity: GUCCI-project and PR
  • Ulrike Röhr (u.roehr(at), board member, field of activity: German research project 'The contribution of gender-justice to successful climate politics'

Meet Iris, our new intern

Iris Morrell, our new intern from San Francisco, is very passionate about women's issues and climate change. A visiting undergraduate at Bard College Berlin, she studies Geography and is particularly interested in how environmental and feminist policy vary in different places. Her previous positions include volunteering with in San Francisco, and interning with Interfaith Power and Light at their US national headquarters. She is very excited to spend the fall working with GenderCC!

Where to find us?

The International Secretariat office is located in the WeiberWirtschaft, a women's co-operative that offers space for more than 60 businesses and ngo's run by women.

GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice e.V.
Anklamerstr. 38
10115 Berlin, Germany

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