Steering Committee

GenderCC is led by a Steering Committee, a circle of women endorsed by the members of GenderCC and given the mandate to discuss and develop strategic plans for the network, to oversee implementation, to monitor and evaluate activities, to recruit members, to represent GenderCC and to oversee the work of the international secretariat. 

The current Steering Committee has resumed its work in January 2017. One of its major tasks will be the development of a new strategy for GenderCC as well as enhancing exchange and cooperation between our members. Its members are:

  • Yvette Abrahams (South Africa)
  • Nicky Broeckhoven (Belgium)
  • Minu Hemmati (Germany)
  • Olfa Jelassi (Tunisia)
  • Ewa Larsson (Sweden)
  • Usha Nair (India)
  • Sharmind Neelormi (Bangladesh)
  • Eunice Warue (Kenya)