Gender activities leading up to COP24 in Katowice

Photo by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth

SB48 Climate Change Conference, April/May 2018 in Bonn

The team of the International Secretariat and several of GenderCC's members are represented at the SB48 negotiations from 30 April to 10 May, 2018 in Bonn, Germany.

Side event: New approaches to gender analysis to support gender responsive national climate policy
GenderCC hosted a side event on Saturday, 5 May from 13:15-14:45 in room Berlin (112)
The event discussed the findings of an ongoing German research project that aims at developing novel approaches to gendering climate policy making. In particular the instrument of gender impact assessment (GIA) was presented, as tailored to climate policies in industrialised countries.
The speakers were Gotelind Alber (GenderCC), Arn Sauer (German Federal Environment Agency), Diana Hummel (ISOE) and Meike Spitzner (Wuppertal Institut).

An overview of all mandated and side events in relation to gender at SB48 can be found here.

Webinar in preparation for the SB48 climate talks

2018 is a crucial year for international climate politics. During the webinar on April 24, gender and climate activists from around the globe reported on different aspects of the UNFCCC climate negotiations and gender entry points. We took a close look at the current status of REDD+ and how the program evolves in Indonesia and Ecuador, talked about aspects related to agriculture and gender, the Gender Action Plan and discussed the integration of gender and human rights into the implementation guidelines for the Paris Agreement.

Moderation: Nanna Birk, LIFE e.V.
Dinda Nuur Annisaa Yura (Solidaritas Perempuan)
Melissa Moreano (Geografía Crítica Ecuador)
Ndivile Mokoena (Gendercc Southern Africa - Women For Climate Justice Network
Patricia Bohland and Lisa Göldner (GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice e.V.)

The project Not without us! Climate justice and gender justice in international climate politics is supported by Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung